Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pilot Light World Wide Headquarters

The move has been made. Pilot Light has its new digs.

Great location. Great view. Inspirational surroundings. I mean heck, Ed has palm trees just out his window (and if you've seen Ed's island shirt collection, you know how much he appreciates the palm tree). On top of that, the friendly McKinney Street Trolley even slowly rumbles past our window throughout the day. This is a pretty cool little place.

We think that all of this matters because as an agency, we will be able to collaborate, strategize and create in a space that was destined for big ideas. It means we now have an ideal environment to meet with our clients (over a cold adult beverage, if they prefer).

The space reflects our culture and our brand. It isn't particularly flashy, but it has character and an atmosphere conducive to hard work.
As we look out our windows at Ed's new found palm trees and the downtown Dallas skyline, we can't help but think, this agency is steppin' it up.

So please, come visit. The location is 2531 B McKinney Street in Uptown...Dallas, Texas...75201.

"World Wide Headquarters"? Well maybe not. But my friends, Pilot Light has its new digs.

P.S.: A sincere thanks to Group Bolton for allowing us to share their space for the past 2 years.

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  1. Nice view~~~I really like the traffic light, it is inspired ^_^


The Authentic Dialogue

The Authentic Dialogue
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