Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Slight Turn (or Wings Flapping on a Fruit Fly)

Ok. So something feels a bit different. More folks seem to be a tad optimistic. You hear on the streets a buzz (oh, it's not much more than the flapping of a fruit fly's wings...but it's there). New business appointments are starting to pick up. Some clients are increasing their spending. And some clients' clients are increasing their spending. Folks are collaborating and innovating. Things may be looking up a bit.

As one of the leading indicators in the inevitable economic roller coaster, the marketing communications firm has an obligation. An obligation to help, not hinder, as we experience this slight turn in the right direction. Words of encouragement? Yes. Our clients need to hear those. But to be blindly optimistic or to stoke the coals of false hope? Well, come on, that's just downright counterproductive.

Now, more than ever, we owe it to our customers to be transparent. And to take measured steps based on the economic environment in which we now all play. With the understanding that many companies have been through the ringer (a ringer that includes the worst economic downfall since the Great Depression), we will come forth with thoughtful, necessary, effective and appropriate programs. Does that mean that these programs should not and cannot be aggressive? No, absolutely not. In fact, appropriate may very well mean aggressive. Aggressive enough to beat the competition to the punch perhaps? Maybe aggressive enough to allow for a faster category recovery. Or aggressive enough to provide a head-start. But knee-jerk? No, we will not go there. At this turning point, we will skip any temptation for the short term gain. The bigger picture AND the longer term demand this.

I'll end with one related thought – let's keep this little fruit fly buzz going. In fact, let's enhance that buzz. Remember what Mom used to say about the contagious nature of a good attitude. Well, it is so true. We all have a stake in this, the American economy. We, at Pilot Light, as communications experts, will use our gifts to get the good word out. What can it hurt? Hmm...just saying that felt good.

Yes indeed, something it starting to feel a bit different.

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The Authentic Dialogue
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